Debut album!

A whole life, musical notes everywhere; with me, shouldering my accordion and travelling miles upon miles playing, always playing music. The creation of this album began on a dare when a number of my friends dared me to do so. That’s when I decided to record some of the musical ideas that I had been amassing for years in a drawer and breathe life and substance into them: sounds which, standing as they do with one foot on the East and one on the West, appear as a motley collection, but do compose the jigsaw puzzle of my musical identity. Inspired by musical genres I love to hear and played by musicians who have been my friends all through the years. And here we are, a year and a half later and many miles under the bridge, with that musical project completed. My heartfelt thanks go to my musician friends who performed for this album, grafting it with their love. I would also like to thank all those who have been present in my life all these years, people who, each in her or his own individual way, helped me fill this suitcase with dreams.


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