“Music created from the depths of the soul. Music that makes you dream, that makes you feel like dancing and even flying”

Theodosii Spassov


There are many accordion players in the Balkan region. But very few of them have the talent and vision to put together balkan music, classical music, jazz, pop and rock, into a very creative fusion. Thanos Stavridis is no doubt, one of them”

Vlatko Stefanovski

I never thought I’d be a fan of accordion music, but I am now a fan of Thanos Stavridis

Sarah Pierce – Jazz Journal

In brief

Thanos Stavridis didn’t choose the accordion; the accordion chose him. At the age of 4, on Christmas, in front of a shop window, an object, among all the others, drew him in. That love at first sight continues to this day.

Up to this day, Thanos’ playing and composing are characterized by virtuosity and expressiveness, it is subtle and dynamic, humorous and serious at the same time. At his live performances he always manages to enchant audiences with his sunny energy, sounds and melodies that are shown in his three albums “A Suitcase full of Dreams”, “Spicy Margarita” and “Ciel”.

His studies in ethnomusicology and research in the field of the Balkan music gave him a profound approach to research and analysis of sources, as well as an ability to translate that background into a very captivating artistic and communicative language.

Prior to 2015, where he released his first personal album “A Suitcase full of Dreams”, Thanos Stavridis has worked for seventeen years with the most well-known names of composers and singers of the Greek scene, recorded more than 100 albums as a soloist and orchestrated music and, to this day, continues to collaborate with many of them. He has been also teaching accordion from 2009 to the University of Ioannina at the Department of Music Studies.

In addition to the concert, Thanos Stavridis can provide a workshop about the rhythm, harmony and history of Greek and Balkan music.

Thanos Stavridis scatters melodies across this album with stunning ease, which have a chance to stay with us for a very long time. Many songs can successfully be included on party playlists. Chapeau bas for ingenuity, freshness and innovation, although based on tradition.

Marcin Puławski – laboratoriummf


Thanos has been playing the accordion from the age of 4 when, as if in a karmic tale, he chooses it as his present for the New Year’s Eve. Since then, he has been traveling all the world carrying it in his back like the snail its home.

Studies and research

He holds master’s degree in ethnomusicology, with his postgraduate thesis at the accordion and its position in the music of the area of Thrace. He has also studied western European music, harmony, counterpoint and fugue combining them with his research in the music of Greece and the Balkans.

His research – musicological activity for the last 27 years is on the folk music of the Balkans. Since 2000, he has made presentations at seminars and workshops both in Greece and abroad, while he has written relevant articles participating in various publications, most recently his participation in the volume “Issues of Instruction of Musical Instruments: Bridging Theory and Practice” (ed. DISIGMA).


Thanos has collaborated with many Greek and Balkan artists.

Indicatively mentioned are: Evanthia Reboutsika, Alkistis Protopsalti, Socratis Malamas, Theodosii Spassov (BG), Petar Ralchev (BG), Vlatko Stefanovski (NMK), Vasko Atanasovski (SLO), Nebojsa Sejdic (SRB), Bilja Krstic (SRB), Kostas Theodorou (Dine Doneff) among many others.

From his beginnings at 1997 until now, Thanos has had a remarkable career playing in Greece with almost all the big names of composers and singers, live and in discography with appearances from the big open stages like Athens Odeon of Herodus Atticus to venues and theaters like Mylos club in Thessaloniki and Half Note Jazz club in Athens.

Performances and projects

After the release of his 1st album “A Suitcase Full of Dreams” he has started playing all over Greece and the Balkans with his personal projects.

Some of them are:

  • (GR) Samothraki World Music Festival 2005 with Northern Partners
  • (GR) Athens Rockwave Festival 2009 with Cabaret Balkan opening Gogol Bordello, Moby and Placebo
  • (BG) Orbelus Spring Festival from 2018 to 2020 with Drom
  • (CY) Cyprus Accordion Festival 2019 with Drom
  • (NMK) Kumanovo Jazz Festival 2019 with Drom and 2022 with Thanos Stavridis trio
  • (BE) Brussels Grecomania Festival at Muziekpublique 2019 with Drom
  • (HU) Budapest Fono 2018 with Drom
  • (GR) Crete 5+1 civilizations Festival 2021 with Balkan Bridges project
  • (BG) SoFest 2021 with Drom
  • (BG) Varna Bratimene EthnoJazz Festival 2022 with Balkan Bridges project
  • (GR) Reedblocks Accordion Festival 2023 duet with Petar Ralchev
  • (NMK) Bitola Ethno Festival 2023 with Tales from the Box

He is one of the pioneers of the Greek Balkan scene, having been a founding member of historical groups, such as the “Northern Partners”, the “Cabaret Balkan”. His current projects are the “Drom”, “Tales from the Box” and his newly formed “Thanos Stavridis Quartet”.

On October 20th, 2018, a show dedicated to his work has been broadcasted on ET3 (Greek National TV Channel).

One of the 10 best concerts out of the thousands I’ve attended over the last 50 years in the UK, France and Crete, was yesterdays at the Nikos Kazantzakis Garden Theatre! I had never heard of Thanos Stavridis before… He is the master of the electric accordion and I would say without any reservation that there is no other like him on the planet! As long as he played, I imagined him behind the keyboard, playing in place of Steve Winwood, Al Kooper, Billy Preston and John Mayall!. At the end of the concert I asked him why he prefers an accordion instead of a Hammond and he replied that he was born with this instrument in his hands.”

George Mitsotakis, Best Radio 947, Crete, Greece, 27/8/2021,
about his concert at Herakleion, Crete

Awards / distinctions

He has received distinctions and very good reviews both at home and abroad:

  • Thanos is continuously included at the list of the world’s 100 best-known accordionists from 2019 until today at the accordion magazine Accordion Stars Illustrated
  • All his 3 albums have been broadcasted in many radio stations all over the world
  • On the 1st quartet of 2017, the German Record Critics’ Award (Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik) nominated “a Suitcase full of Dreams” at the first best list in the category of World Music.
  • “Spicy Margarita” has been voted in the 20 best albums by the World Music Charts Europe for March 2021
  • “Spicy Margarita” also ranked at 3rd place in the category “Best World Music Album” on UK’s 9th Annual OWMR Awards.
  • “Ciel” ranked 39 at the top 40 albums at World Music Charts Europe for February 2024

It’s said about Thanos Stavridis

“As Tom Waits playfully remarked, “A gentleman is someone who knows how to play an accordion but chooses not to.” Yet, Thanos Stavridis gracefully defies this notion, embodying both the spirit of a gentleman and the joy of playing the accordion. Those who have witnessed his mastery can attest to the magic he creates.” 

Nenad Georgievski (NMK) – editor, Vintage I

“There’s a lot of wonderful magic spun throughout these thirteen cuts, certainly evidence that Stavridis as a composer and bandleader has an abundance of great ideas to share.”

Peter Thelen (US) – editor, expose online 10/4/2021 about Spicy Margarita

“The sound of the Balkans, folk and folk song, rock, funk, jazz-fusion or world jazz if you prefer, and also any other music or song that could be based on the accordion (the French musette, the tangos, etc.). All this, and I don’t know what else, is mixed with knowledge on “a Suitcase full of Dreams”, creating a delightful soundscape – the kind you rarely get to enjoy anymore. I say this because this type of album that we lived in the nineties, at the time of the ethnic frenzy (and I’m referring to the “tops” of course), is hard to find now. The fashion has passed in the meantime, and until the next similar one comes, the space will be covered only by those who really know and like it. Thanos Stavridis is one of them.”

Fontas Trousas (GR) – Vinylmine 21/3/2017

“Thanos Stavridis is one of those musicians who once you hear one of his creations you understand the reason for his success. He is one of those musicians that once you click to listen to his music, you will make a playlist with his entire discography to accompany you every day… At least that’s what happened to me.”

Dianna Mami Couper (GR) – maxmag 6/3/2020

“Thanos is not just a child who plays the accordion but a man whose figure is intertwined with this wonderful musical instrument. Kind of like an extension of his arms. Like a suitcase he always carries with him.”

Akis Sakisloglou (GR) – Sarothron 11/5/2017

“I am grateful to Thanos for pointing me to this valuable discography. In addition, he gave me all the relevant information to present the issue to you in detail. It’s up to you to find a way and time to listen to the album “Ciel“. I guarantee your satisfaction.”

Dragutin Matosevic (BiH) – Barikada 9/12/2023

“Thanos Stavridis: Accordion -freely unfolded
This charismatic Greek accordionist is set to hit international stage. His playing is characterised by virtuosity and expressiveness, it is subtle and dynamic, humorous and serious at the same time. At his life performances he always manages to enchant audiences with his sounds.
With a long series of musical studies, with collaborations with the biggest names of the Greek pentagram such as Evanthia Reboutsika and Giorgos Dalaras, but also with Bulgarian Folklore & Jazz musician Theodosii Spassov, with creations that have become great successes abroad, with countless appearances and participation in festivals in Greece and around the world, Thanos Stavridis is a “traveling musician” who accepts whatever experiences come his way and turns them into creation. That’s called enthusiasm.
Thanos Stavridis is surely a new benchmark in contemporary music and it is impossible not to be surprised by the potential of his well-conceived and yet limitless compositions.
If there would be a next edition of Carl Czerny’s (1791 – 1857) book “Der strebsame Akkordeonist”, then surely an étude of Thanos Stavridis should be included!”

Eleni Ziliaskopoulou (GR), M.A., Planet Radio 90,6,
Show Μουσικές Του Πλανήτη – Planet Music

Practical facts about Thanos:

  • He cares of the excellence in every aspect of his work for you. We are thanksful to the people like you that gives us the opportunity to disseminate his music.
  • He is open to any collaboration. There is not an idea that is too crazy for him.
  • He is super punctual, easygoing, enthusiastic, devoted to music and to the public with all of his
  • He has international experience with concerts and workshops in referential festivals.
  • He has experience in online events, pre-recorded as well as live streaming.
  • Thanos can play without amplification in suitable venues.
  • Thanos can give workshops and masterclasses (for all kind of musicians, not only accordionists) as well as concert.
  • Thanos has several projects ready.

Thanos can perform with different projects / lineups

  • Drom: a quintet that is more based in the folk music of the Balkans playing with more folk essence
  • Tales from the Box: an accordion – violoncello duet which has a combined cinematic sound with a classical touch and a Mediterranean aesthetics.
  • Thanos Stavridis Quartet: a formation that plays his music under a jazzy prism.
  • Thanos Stavridis solo: an accordion concert with a setlist with selected tracks from his discography among rebetiko, Greek and Balkan music and some surprises.
  • Balkan Bridges Project: an interbalkan supergroup which consists of: Theodosii Spassov (BG), Vasko Atanasovski (SLO), Giotis Kiourtsoglou (GR), Christos Tassios (GR) and Thanos Stavridis (GR)