Tales from the Box – Ciel

The new album of “tales from the box” titled ciel is a fact and released by Artway-Technotropon.

With the title of the French word for the sky or blue respectively, “tales from the box” seeks to take us on a journey to musical landscapes under the Mediterranean sky. Eight original compositions and 3 arrangements where the dominant instruments are the accordion of Thanos Stavridis and the cello of Stella Tempreli respectively.

This is actually the 3rd personal album of Thanos, who is released this time with the duo “tales from the box” and aspires to have the successful course and distinctions abroad as well as at home of the previous two, “a suitcase full of dreams” and “Spicy Margarita”.

With the friendly participation of: Giotis Kiourtsoglou, Yiannis Papatriandafillou, Dimitris Angelakis, Nikos Vargiamidis, Angelos Polychronou, Dimitris Klonis, Christos Tassios and Dimitris Zacharakis, the duet of Thanos and Stella presents music with a new and special sound. That of the combination of accordion and cello. Two flexible instruments with a long history both in the classical and folk music traditions of the Mediterranean and beyond. Two “music boxes” that promise to take us on a journey with their stories.

Starting from today with the starting point of an “endless story”, “as if in a dream”, we dance a bossanova at dawn (“sunset bossa”) until the bright moon finds us and we walk the moonpath (the translation of greek word Φεγγαρόστρατα). To meet a rainbow (“after the rainbow”) and travel to the Mediterranean (“Mediterranean travel”) dancing the “rain waltz” while the wind carries us. The album closes with a very beloved Bach melody which, after Gounod’s processing, ended up being a prayer to the beloved Mary of all the peoples of the Mediterranean. “Ave Maria” with the wish that everything will be bright again.

Happy listening.

The album is available on CD and in all digital stores.

YouTube link from the 1st video clip of the album:
“After the Rainbow”